Other| Volume 21, ISSUE 4, Px, August 2007

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Articles to Appear in Future Issues

        Cardiac Output Measured by a New Arterial Pressure Waveform Analysis Method Without Calibration Compared With Thermodilution After Cardiac Surgery
        R.-M.B.G.E. Breukers, S. Sepehrkhouy, S.R. Spiegelenberg, and A.B.J. Groeneveld; Amsterdam, the Netherlands
        Uncalibrated Arterial Pulse Contour Analysis Versus Continuous Thermodilution Technique: Effects of Alterations in Arterial Waveform
        Su. Lorsomradee, Sr. Lorsomradee, S. Cromheecke, and S.G. De Hert; Edegem, Belgium
        Right Atrial Effects on Right Ventricular Ejection Fraction Derived From Thermodilution Measurements
        W.P. Santamore, N. Gefen, A. Avramovich, P. Berger, A. Kashem, and O. Barnea; Philadelphia, PA
        Global End-Diastolic Volume as a Variable of Fluid Responsiveness During Acute Changing Loading Conditions
        J. Renner, M. Gruenewald, P. Brand, M. Steinfath, J. Scholz, G. Lutter, and B. Bein; Kiel, Germany
        Evaluation of Partial Carbon Dioxide Rebreathing Cardiac Output Measurement During Thoracic Surgery
        J.-M. Ng, M.Y. Chow, P.C. Ip-Yam, M.-H. Goh, and T. Agasthian; Boston, MA
        The Level of Cardiac Output Affects the Relationship and Agreement Between Pulmonary Artery and Transpulmonary Aortic Thermodilution Measurements in an Animal Model
        L. Hüter, K.R. Schwarzkopf, N.P. Preussler, H. Schubert, and T. Schreiber; Jena, Germany
        The Influence of Propofol Versus Sevoflurane Anesthesia on Outcome in 10,535 Single Cardiac Procedures
        C.-J. Jakobsen, H. Berg, K.B. Hindsholm, N. Faddy, and E. Sloth; Aarhus, Denmark
        Desflurane Versus Propofol in Patients Undergoing Mitral Valve Surgery
        G. Landoni, M.G. CalabròAgo, C. Marchetti, E. Bignami, A.M. Scandroglio, E. Dedola, M. De Luca, L. Tritapepe,
        G. Crescenzi, and A. Zangrillo; Milan, Italy
        The Effects of Propofol on Cardiac Function After 4 Hours of Cold Cardioplegia and Reperfusion
        S.U. Choi, H.W. Lee, H.J. Lim, S.M. Yoon, and S.H. Chang; Seoul, South Korea
        0.5 Minimum Alveolar Concentration Isoflurane Administered Through the Pre-Cardiopulmonary Bypass Period Reduces Postoperative Dobutamine Requirement of Cardiac Surgery Patients: A Randomized Study
        S.K. Ndoko, L. Tual, B.A. Mamar, S. Sauvat, P. Jabre, M. Zakhouri, O. Rosanval, M. Abdi, M. Kirsch, B. Pouzet, D. Loisance, and G. Dhonneur; Paris, France
        Sevoflurane Provides Earlier Tracheal Extubation and Assessment of Cognitive Recovery Than Isoflurane in Patients Undergoing Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
        E. Delphin, D. Jackson, Y. Gubenko, A. Botea, B. Esrig, W. Fritz, and S. Mavridis; Newark, NJ
        Dexmedetomidine Produces Dual α2-Adrenergic Agonist and α1-Adrenergic Antagonist Actions on Human Isolated Internal Mammary Artery
        O. Yildiz, H.B. Ulusoy, M. Seyrek, H. Gul, and V. Yildirim; Ankara, Turkey
        Epidural Catheters and Drug-Eluting Stents: A Case Report of a Challenging Relationship
        W.M. Popescu, R.J. Gusberg, and P.G. Barash; New Haven, CT
        Epidural Blood Patch for Acute Subdural Hematoma After Spinal Catheter Drainage During Hybrid Thoracoabdominal Aneurysm Repair
        B. Subramaniam, P.J. Panzica, J.B. Pawlowski, V. Ramanavarapu, F.B. Pomposelli, R. De La Torre, and A.B. Lerner; Boston, MA
        Acute Spinal Artery Syndrome After Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Using Combined Thoracic Epidural and General Anesthesia
        D. Bracco, N. Noiseux, I. Prieto, F. Basile, and T. Hemmerling; Montreal, PQ, Canada